Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Don't tell my family how easy these were! 

My boys were watching a movie and my daughter was playing with her toys, while I was working in the kitchen.  Next thing they knew, I had homemade donuts for everyone to try!  There were oohs and aahhs about how yummy these were, and what a nice surprise.  My son told me several times that I should sell the recipe to Frost (our favorite donut shop).

Ready for my secret?
It's canned biscuit dough.  It's not even name brand biscuit dough.  I bought plain old buttermilk biscuits, used my donut cutter to shape them, fried them for about 40 seconds on each side, and coated them with cinnamon sugar.

Like I said... don't tell.  They think I spent hours making a special treat!

Happy baking!