Saturday, 19 January 2013

Because I Needed Another Hobby!

I came home with yarn and knitting needles one day and my hubby just looked at me, shook his head, and asked, "Why?"

To me, the answer was obvious, "Because I needed another hobby!"

It's cold out and I can't garden in the winter.  I'm trying not to bake as much because we really don't need to be eating warm cookies all through the winter.... those soft, warm, yummy cookies... sorry... got distracted.  Anyway, my hubby and kids say I always have my nose in the computer and I thought knitting might keep me busy when I just feel like I need to sit down for a bit.  (I tend to curl up with my iPad and start pinning fun ideas when we're watching movies or relaxing in the evening.  I call it multi-tasking.  They think I'm being anti-social.)  Well, my friend at school helped me get started and I'm happy to report that I have a pretty new scarf!

I bought the chunkiest yarn I could find and some really big knitting needles.  I bought a size 13 needle, if that means anything to you knitters out there.

Yep, feeling kinda proud of my new hobby!

Happy knitting!
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