Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Tree Day, 2012

It's just like clockwork.  Every year, on the first weekend of December, we head out to find the perfect tree.  This year it started out with a full Christmas breakfast.  We had french toast, bacon, OJ, and cocoa, all served on our special Christmas dishes.

After about 20 minutes of examining every single tree on the farm, we settled on the perfect 9 footer.

We have two trees in our house.  The fake tree sits in the family room.  It has all of the kids' ornaments. Every year they get to buy a new ornament for the tree.  Years from now, when they are ready to move out of the house, we'll pack up the ornaments they've chosen year after year, and they'll have a beautiful tree of their own.

For now, it's the favorite tree in the house. Here's one tree (the fake one).  I'll have to show you the real tree, in the living room, tomorrow.  We ran out of lights and it's only half decorated. 

For now, here's a peak.

Happy decorating!