Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Little Thanksgiving Show and Tell

I'm late to the Thanksgiving party, I know.  Let's just say I'm fashionably late.  We spent Thanksgiving at my sister in law's house at lunchtime and headed over to my sister's for dinner.  We all live in the same neighborhood, so travel time is only about 2 minutes.  (That's something to be thankful for, for sure!)  Whenever people ask what we're doing on Thanksgiving, I always hear how lucky I am that I'm not hosting.  Yes, I love relaxing on Thanksgiving and not feeling the pressure to clean my house.  Oh, but wait until Christmas... the pressure is on.  I host one family in the morning and the other in the evening.  If I had a bigger house, I'd have everyone all at once!

 Here are a few photos from our Thanksgiving day.

(note to self - TRIPOD next time)

The turkey was so moist and yummy!

I can't live without gingerbread cookies in the fall.

My nephew can't live without Grandma's sweet potato puffs.  I think he ate every last one. 

Homemade rolls hit the spot. 

Green bean casserole will always be a staple at our meals.  We don't do the typical recipe.  This one is cheesy and gooey, with a crunchy cornflake topping.

Oh, the desserts!  Too many to choose!

I have to confess, I had seconds of Grandma's cheesecake.  

If you didn't care for pumpkin pie, cheesecake, or cookies, there were more options.

Oh, my gosh, if I never see another dessert it will be too soon!  My mom made 4 pies for the next party.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, everyone!
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